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Cloverbloom Ranch

Cloverbloom Ranch
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John Nelson (+)

51361 County Road 17, Wellington 80549, Colorado, Weld County


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John and Darlene Nelson of Wellington, Colorado are the proud owners of Cloverbloom Ranch where they raise and sell registered Texas Longhorns as well as Longhorn beef. Located near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Northern Colorado, Cloverbloom Ranch strives for excellence in their breeding program using Artificial Insemination and the exciting genetics of such bulls as Respect Me, Cowboy Chex, Drag Iron, Sittin Bull and others. John and Darlene are very active and supportive in the Texas Longhorn industry.

JohnDarlene Nelson

Over the years, John and Darlene’s goals for the Longhorn program have become more focused and well-defined. John has begun to cull a lot of his herd while keeping only the very best cows. “That way through a serious AI program and breeding to only the top bulls in the industry, I can continuously improve my herd,” says John. Along with selling his heifers and cows over five years of age, John butchers his steers and sells cuts and ground meat to small restaurants in the area.

John and Darlene entered the Longhorn business in 1997. Since then, he has continuously found a way to not only breed quality animals, but to also market Longhorn beef. “That is what cattle are raised for. The Longhorn beef is healthy and tastier and exotic breeds of beef,” John says.

The couple has been married for 53 years, so working the ranch together has been part of the fun. The two have participated in Longhorn events and even have served on the committee for the National Western Texas Longhorn Show in Denver and have helped with the High Plains Texas Longhorn Sale in northern Colorado. “Darlene and I feel like we have become a part of a big nationwide family,” John says. “Everyone in the industry is like a part of our extended family.”

 As the boy who grew up raising cattle and threshing and taking up hay, John has managed to continue with his family origins. “Both of my parents immigrated to America from Sweden. My mother’s family became farmers in Minnesota. In 1920, my Grandmother bought a farm from a man named Clover. He had homesteaded it. The man at the bank who arranged the financing was Mr. Bloom. Hence the name of her farm in Minnesota. We kept the name when we formed our ranch,” John says. And everyone in the industry is invited to visit John and Darlene at Cloverbloom Ranch.