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Fairlea Longhorn Ranches

Fairlea Longhorn Ranches
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1197 Red Bird Lane, Bowie 76230, Texas, Montague County


Making the Most of the Best

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Our philosophy and how our herd measures up...

We raise Texas Longhorn cattle in both California and Texas. Our goal is simple - to provide our customers with a selection of the very finest examples of the breed.


Our quest for the best began in 1995 with a fascination about the size and varied shapes of the horns of these magnificent beasts. As we have since expanded not only our herd but also our knowledge base, we have come to focus on the whole animal, making certain that our herd has more than just horn producing genetics and is in balance. As a result, we now have (we think) an outstanding herd of truly long horned animals that also have good frame size, thickness, depth, conformation, calm dispositions, and lots of color.

We have always believed that a good herd starts (but certainly doesn't end) with a good bull. Bulls are, after all, responsible for 50% of the genetics of the offspring of each cow. Our philosophy has been to make certain that no cow on our property ever has a calf whose total pedigree we aren’t proud of. Obviously not all calves combine the best genes of both parents; however, we make certain that they all are conceived with a chance at greatness.

The bulls we have are difference makers; however, they can only take their offspring as far as the cows they are mated with will allow. In that regard, we have accumulated a stable of exceptional cows to provide the other half of the DNA which each calf will carry. In selecting the females for our herd, we have emphasized horn length, pedigree, disposition, and mothering traits. As a result of our search, we now have a core herd of fabulous cows who meet all our criteria. The pedigrees of our cows are, without exception, impressive and include such great sires as Phenomenon, Emperor, Dixie Creole, Diego’s Hot Shot, Monarch, Jet Jockey, BLNight Chex, Boomerang, Shadowizm, and several of our own impressive formerly owned bulls, including LL Wrangler, JK Creekmore, and Shadow's Reflection.  We own one cow (RM Miss Kitty) whose tip to tip measurement exceeds 87". We own another nine who go over 75" and twelve more between 70" and 75". Indeed, we have reached the point where if a heifer does not exceed 50" at 24 months, she is not considered adequate to keep in our herd. We invite the reader to carefully review our website to see photographs and backgrounds of the cows and heifers that make up the female side of our program.