Kristin Davis: Cincinnati, Ohio Photographer

Kristin Davis has been around technology and creative endeavors her entire life. She got her first DSLR at eight years of age to document a trip to Hawaii.

Kristin Davis Crashing Waves

“My passion started in Hawaii. That trip was quite helpful - not only for giving me a completely new environment to work with but also for setting the quality standard of my work very high.”

Kristin Davis 1

By the time she was 12 years old, she was teaching a digital photography course to even younger students at the Mt. Washington Educational Center in Cincinnati, OH. Although accomplished in event photography, her passion leans toward nature.

“My absolute favorite types of photos to take are in nature because the opportunities are endless. Nature can mean Texas Longhorns, a hot dry desert or a beautiful rainforest.”

Kristin Davis 2

“I am very happy with the personal and professional progress I have made these past few years hopefully it’ll continue and lead into other fields. ”