The Lauren Craft Collection in Houston, Texas.

The Houston, Texas-based Craft Ranch family have certainly been notable in the Longhorn Industry for many years. One of the siblings is also well-known for a different vocation. Lauren Craft is a designer of fine jewelry. The Lauren Craft Collection merges opulence with a touch of whimsy. Lauren breaks norms with her design, telling stories in compact forms using rare metals and gemstones and the medium for her tales.

Miranda Lambert 2
Sheryl Crow (left); Miranda Lambert (right)

After Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, Lauren moved to New York City to study at the Gemological Institute of America, while well known for teaching gem-grading, also offers instruction in jewelry design. It was in New York that she beagn working with art costume jewley wunderkind Alexis Bittar.

Lauren Craft 2

By 2011, Lauren had built the confidence to pursue her own collection. She returned to Houston and set out to define what would become the Lauren Craft Collection.

Miranda Lambert 1
Miranda Lambert (left); Lee Ann Womack (right)

Lauren's passion is for finery with a twist. Allure with a touch of the exotic. Her bold creation are worn by celebrites such as Miranda Lambert & Sheryl Crow, models in publications such as Allure, Los Angeles Times, Style, and Paper City, and are available in finer boutiques across the United States and in the United Kingdom.

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