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Longhorn World Championship

October 20-21, 2017
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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It has become the biggest event of the Longhorn industry, celebrating the cattle that so many love. Breeders from all over the country bring the absolute best to the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in order to participate in this spectacular measuring competition. Each year, the animals get bigger and better and so does the event.

The event includes the Longhorn World Championship Sale, the Longhorn World Championship, and the new Longhorn World Championship Futurity. The Championship ends with the All-Industry Banquet and Awards Presentation, which is the best opportunity to recognize the amazing steps breeders are taking to improve the industry.

The home for the Longhorn World Championship is the beautiful Cox Convention Center, which provides almost 2-1/2 acres of indoor climate-controlled area to conduct the event. The Sheraton Hotel, the host location, is a truly luxurious facility with all the amenities for our attendees. Last but not least, the Bricktown Entertainment District provides something for everyone – extensive shopping, dining, refreshments, and music.

The goal of the Longhorn World Championship has always been to bring each and every Longhorn breeder together to make the Longhorn industry bigger and more vibrant than ever. It is open to all breeders, regardless of size, location, or association.

Mark your calendars and make your arrangements to come and be a part of the best Longhorn event of the year – the Longhorn World Championship.  


Curtis Elburn 300 Yellow Tail 10/2/2016 B I A 47 7/8 A 53  9/16 OKC
John and Christy Randolph 301 JTW Big Country 7/9/2016 B I A 47.125     OKC
JT Wehring 302 JTW Rural Warning 7/9/2016 B I A 42.375     OKC
Rick and Tracey Fredrich 303 RR Tequila Sunrise 7/1/2016 B I A 51.25 A 55.5 River Ranch
Gregg Sherwoon 304 Knockout ST 4/22/2016 B I B 55.75 A 58.8125 OKC
Joe and Stephanie Sedlacek 305 Bull 611 3/22/2016 B I B 56.3125 A 58.9375 Lazy J
Craft/Gravett/Vasut 306 Resurrection 3/17/2016 B I B 53.6875 A 57.5 OKC
Randy and Marsha Witte 307 Miracle 2/12/2016 B I C 53.38     Nelson
John and Christy Randolph 308 Kettle's tattoo 1/3/2016 B I C 53.5625     OKC
Jeremy P Johnson 309 Point Taken 11/29/2015 B II A 63.375 A xxxxx Deer Creek
Mike Davis 310 LM Hurricane 11/10/15 B II A 61.75 A 77.75 River Ranch
Clark/Vasut  312 Voodoo Cowboy 9/24/2015 B II A 64.25 A 70.5625 OKC
W.L. & Suzann mcCoy 314 DWM Red Fox 8/15/2015 B II A 70.625 B 77.5625 Hudsons
Brian and Mary Stahl 315 M.C. Mr. Big Stuff 4/24/2015 B II B 75.9375 B 95.0625 G&G
John Nelson 316 CB Top Shooter 4/11/2015 B II B 71.875 B 80.5 Cloverbloom Ranch
Brent and Cindy Bolen 317 All In BCB 12/20/2014 B III A 80.375 A 90.625 Loomis
Bob Loomis/Jimmy Jones 318 Expedite 12/7/2014 B III A 75.875 A 90.375 OKC
Brittany Gentry 319 RC Pacific Pirate 11/30/2014 B III A 70.4375 A 85 OKC
Buck and Sharon Adams 322 Patton HB 5/1/2014 B III A 87.375     OKC
Rick and Tracey Fredrich 324 RR Escondido Red 10/20/2013 B IV     A 112.625 River
Hoskins/Briscoe 325 Wahoo 5/23/2013 B IV A 83.875 A 101.875 OKC
Gregg Sherwoon 326 Black Hawk 4/24/2013 B IV A 76.75 A 96.75 OKC
Mike Casey 327 AF Gun Slinger 3/19/2013 B IV A 86.4375 A 95.3125 OKC
Randy and Miki Beinek 328 RBR The Duke 3/8/2013 B IV A 80.8125 A 95.1875 Deer Creek 
Justin Risenmay 329 Trail Drive 2/20/2013 B IV A 88.1875 A 106 OKC
Hunt/Bartlett/Mayden 330 Rowdy HR 3/15/2012 B V A 83 A 100.5 OKC
Austin Rohr 331 Big Red HR 3/9/2012 B V A 83.1875 A 92.75 OKC
End of Trail/G&G 332 Sniper 2/23/2012 B V A 84.0625     OKC
Hays/Perry/Truxillo 333 TS Super Star Regard 2/7/2012 B V A 81.5 A 108.625 Deer Creek 
Bob & Pam Loomis 334 Cowboy Tuff Chex 12/11/2010 B VII A 101.25 A 118.625 Deer Creek
Craft/Mills 335 RHF Sharp Shooter 3/31/2007 B VIII A 83.0625 A 110.25 OKC
Lisa Luebbering 303A LF Midnight Outlaw 4/29/2016 B I B 40.125 A 42.5625 OKC
Steve & Cyd Jordan 322 A Winnie 1/14/2014 B III     A 98.75 OKC
Nathan Geick & Bobby Gutierrez 325 A RM His Royal Highness 3/4/2013 B IV A 87.25 A 97.875 OKC

Cox Convention Center
The Biggest Event in the Industry !


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