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“The gentleman that got me started, the late Tom Brown, used to call me and say, ‘If you can catch it, you can have it.’ I would be on the phone to my buddies and game on. I learned from that because now I have no time or interest in having animals like that.”

Now Crazy Cattle Company strives each year for better calves. Shawn has placed a lot of importance of AI to his peers. He also has been a vital role in participating in as many events possible, especially in the Northeast. “I hope to shape the industry in unity and fun. If everyone can get together at an event like the LWC and have a good time, what else could we ask for? The only thing better than the cattle are the people.”

Outside of raising Longhorns, he is part of a family-owned construction business. He also finds time to get involved with his church and to coach elementary wrestling. But it is his wife, Seasons, and two kids, Hannah and Sam, that top his accomplishments. Shawn applies his morals to his everyday goals. He is shaping the industry with his participation and outstanding breeding program. His optimism about the future of the industry is a great way he’s leading by example. “Great things are coming our way, with a little cooperation…and I hope to be a part of it.”


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